SECOND SEED – Willow Ball project

As part of the Landscape of Change exhibition, Elsa Godfrey was invited to create a giant willow ball with the help of any visitors to the exhibition. A collective act, Elsa sees the the creation of the ball as :

” a beautiful representation of the dramatic impact that can be established, by the collective small efforts of many, all working together toward one common goal.”

I believe we need such collective, community acts to help balance out the negative events in London of late, to show that we can work together and enjoy something creative. Elsa previously made a ball for Clissold Park that many people remember.

You can see a selection of photos of the ball growing right here:

ABOUT SECOND SEED by Elsa Godfrey:

Second Seed

(after Seed in Clissold Park 2004/9)

I was thinking – that most lives start off very tiny, as a seed or an embryo and then grow; that growth is generally a sign of health and well-being, with most living things naturally achieving an optimum size and then sustaining it during a lifetime.

But continuous, perpetual growth, for its own sake with no goal defined, is more likely to be characteristic of disease and somewhat sinister conditions like cancer or is perhaps contrived; engineered.

The western notion of capitalism seems to be based on such growth and now relentless consumption has become a global phenomenon, with its very bedrock of money and the interest it must accrue, in crisis. Its appetite has near exhausted its host. This system has engulfed us all and now we spend our time in work, to pay strangers for providing most of our food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, communication, childcare, cooking and even our human relationships, that have somehow become commodities to be traded.

I’m wondering if it’s coming to its own end and I’m wondering what that might be. Endings mostly come with new beginnings, which I always regard as an exciting prospect.

Second Seed is an allegory, a tale of growth, resonating with both natural and deviant forms. This travelling sculpture will acquire weight and girth by collecting contributions in a gentle and co-operative way, with the counted, small efforts of the many individuals who encounter it. But I’m guessing its size will eventually begin to limit its options – and I’m not at all sure of its future. Ultimately, I imagine it will come to a standstill somewhere, when it’s too cumbersome or heavy for me to move any more. Where will it be? and how big? What will happen to it next? Perhaps I’ll find a permanent site, where it can slowly and inexorably return itself to the earth from whence all its parts were sourced. Only this diary of its itinerary will remain, containing recorded thoughts and comments of the many contributors, as a reminder of its brief life.

London 2011

Second Seed is available to visit your event, school, community group. Please contact Elsa –

SEED – Elsa’s original sculpture in Clissold Park


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