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Moving: Work For Sale and For Loan

I have just finished updating a page that shows all work by both Tim and myself, that will be available for sale or loan while we are in Australia. We would rather that our work is on your walls than in the storage unit. So please do take a look and get in touch if there is anything of interest.


Urban Bluebells: done and dusted

In a deluge…. the installation has come to an end. This morning I removed the bluebells from the WW Gallery Patio and moved them all over to a lovely slope under a canopy of plane trees on Hackney Downs. With the help of Eugene, Anna, Laura, Leo and Francesca the bluebells were gently transferred into planting holes. Looking a little worse for wear, hopefully some of the flowers will now spread some seed and some of the tubers will survive the rigours of flowering and having been transplanted twice. I like to think that in the future a little colony of bluebells will thrive here.

Like German artist Joseph Beuys, who described his planting of 7000 trees in Kassel, Germany in the 1980s as ‘art of the social sculpture’ I am interested to explore ways of bringing creative participation to people, even unwittingly.¬† I had imagined that had lots of people joined in with the planting that many might not even have realised that the plants had already had a former life installed at the WW Gallery Patio. Additionally I hope that the message behind the piece – that of the threat to the native bluebell from hybridisation with the more robust Spanish bluebell and from the effects of earlier spring occurrence due to our changing climate may be communicated.¬† As it was, the terrible weather put off most coming along, which is a great shame as it would have made for a lovely community event. I am grateful for those that did join me, as well as my virtual followers and all those who have wished me well.

4 days left at the Patio

The Bluebells have been flowering away but the weather this month has turned out extremely dreary, very wet and none too encouraging to get outdoors sadly. However we need the rain and I hope that this means the drought concerns are alleviated. I’ve not had to worry about watering the plants once. Thank you nature, at least for that.

Despite the weather, the bluebells will be planted out on Sunday, so I hope a few hardy souls might join me. If the weather is terrible it will be done in record time and then we can all repair to The Russet for one of their legendary Sunday Lunches. At least the ground will be nice and soft, not like last year at Mabley Meadow where it was blisteringly hot and the ground was like a rock.

1st week at the patio

The Bluebells have been in residence for over a week now. They are having a fairly quiet existence, which is a good thing really. Although on Thursday evening there was an impressive hailstorm. A blanket of tiny icy hailstones covered the ground for a good hour in this part of London. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get over to the bluebells to snap them poking though, or perhaps bowed by this natural intervention. When I last saw them on Wednesday they were really coming along. I’ll drop by later today and see what the latest news fro the patio is…

1 week to go

This time next week I will be building up the raised bed and planting the Bluebells for

Urban Bluebells/Patio Project #6

The new installation will be showing at WW Gallery in Hackney through April. I hope you will join me for the Private View on Thursday 5th April 6-9pm. Drinks afterwards will be at the nearby pub the Three Sisters.

Follow the Bluebells progress at the Blog.

Sunshine and green shoots










I checked the Bluebells growing in their pots yesterday. They are coming along nicely. I am keeping them covered in horticultural fleece for two reasons 1) to try and deter the rampaging squirrels 2) to try and fool the Bluebells into flowering a little earlier so that there are blooms to see at the Patio in April. Cheeky!