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and planted.

At 4pm yesterday I finished off the planting up of the Bluebells installation. The neighbour’s cat strolled over and carefully picked her way across the bed. No doubt she will be adding her own contributions to the piece as the month goes on. But this is the beauty of work in the public domain. Anything or nothing might happen to it and that is a fundamental part of the process of creating such a piece.

I am also interested to see/hear how people view this piece. In this familiar context the piece looks far more like a garden, we provide our own answers¬† to the challenge of ‘what is it?’ based on our experience and expectations of the front garden patio location. It was an intentionally different matter in the gallery last year. I am happy for this contrast.


1 week to go

This time next week I will be building up the raised bed and planting the Bluebells for

Urban Bluebells/Patio Project #6

The new installation will be showing at WW Gallery in Hackney through April. I hope you will join me for the Private View on Thursday 5th April 6-9pm. Drinks afterwards will be at the nearby pub the Three Sisters.

Follow the Bluebells progress at the Blog.

Bluebells again in 2012

Good news! I have been selected to recreate the Bluebells installation for the Patio Projects series at WW Gallery in Hackney, in April. I will be biting my fingernails down the quick again worrying about whether or not they will flower in time, all over again! I am really thrilled to have this new opportunity. Watch this space!

Willow ball – a beginning

Beautiful weather meant working outside the Gallery today on Elsa Godfrey’s Willow Ball was no hardship. Everyone who came by to see the show added a willow whip and by the end of the day we could see that the ball had grown.

Interested in collective acts, Elsa hopes that eventually the ball will become so large it will have to stay wherever it is and slowly collapse back into the earth. The whips can be personalised with a strip of coloured raffia (or something else) by each person taking part, the only important thing is that all materials used are natural so ultimately the piece will biodegrade.

The process is simple:

1) select your willow whip (a flexible length of freshly cut willow stem).

2) weave it into the structure of the ball

3) record your thoughts about the experience in the ledger that Elsa has prepared. At the end there will be a lasting record of each whip that was added to the ball.


Elsa will be at the exhibition at BHVU Gallery tomorrow Sunday 4th September, and again on the final weekend, 17th & 18th September. In between, she and the call will be putting in an appearance at Queens Wood where some more North Londoners will get a chance to add to the ball.

Tim adds to the Willow ball