Bluebells are back

The Bluebells that were planted this time last year on Hackney Downs, after their installation at the WW Gallery Patio Projects space, are flowering away quite happily. I very nearly missed them. About a month ago the Parks dept. cut the long grass of their home short, I looked for signs of their leaves but none were to be seen. I fretted that the late cut had hit them hard but in fact I think they weren’t up yet. The warmth of last week has brought them out, the flowers are vibrant blue but starting to fade. I suddenly thought to look today and sure enough, if you take time to look the blue catches your eye.

It’s pleasing to see they are there, we skidded over their dormant bulbs during the frozen months of January and February when snow brought the kids out sledding. I hope they will spread happily amongst the goose grass, dandelion and thistles, with their 3 protective plane trees towering high above, marking the triangle where they sit .