Thanks to Chris Rushby-Smith, my one-and-only best brother-in-law for building the raised bed at the Patio today. While I pointed, made suggestions and handed over the occasional screw. And on the first day of his London holiday too. Thank you, thank you!

The raised bed structure has been made with recycled timbers; old trellis panels and 2 palette crates that were holding new roofing slates for a house on our road earlier last week. The compost is coming on Thursday and this is also made from recycled materials composted and 100% peat free. The pots that I grew the Bluebells in came originally from the gardens of the American Embassy, where a friend of mine is a gardener. The Bluebells themselves are native Hyacinthoides non-scripta, from cultivated stock, grown by The English Cottage Garden Nursery.  I think it is vitally important that my work adheres to ideas about sustainability and environmental responsibility as best I can.