BHVU Open ’10

I’ll be showing 3 new works from the Landscape of Change series in our 1st Annual Open exhibition at Basket House Village Universe  the gallery at our warehouse studio space. Preview night is Thursday 8th July from 6-9pm and the exhibition continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon – 5pm. Around 40 artists will be exhibited across painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. We had a great time selecting the show from the many submissions – it was not an easy task.

More info at

Meanwhile a slow Spring has given way to weeks of blue skies, warmth and little rain. The grass is drying up and the gardens need watering. Everyone loves summer – but London does always feel a little strange in sweltering heat. Part of the problem for selling the climate change message to Northern Europe is that most people would actually quite like more of this weather. Problem is we can’t cherry pick and leave out the rest of the extreme weather events, chaos in the tropical zone and the fact that we would probably get more warmth combined with more rain, not just glorous endless summer. Still, I can’t deny I’m not enjoying a bit of proper summer this year.


3 thoughts on “BHVU Open ’10

  1. Bettina

    Just looked through the BHUV website and thought there was some great artistry ‘n stuff on it 😉
    Quite the critic, me
    and a loyal fan of your art stuffs
    Good to hear from you, love
    oh and check out our new site: – now full of solar-powered goodness!

  2. psadubin Post author

    Awww thanks! Great to hear you too. Just had a quick spin around Punk Logic and am so pleased to see what you are up to. It’s a great business you’ve got there, with an amazing future I’m sure.

    Very interested in the work being done by – love the idea of Solar powered webhosting. Will blog about it when a get a moment.

    Have a new business venture underway, so must email you all about that too. Would be great to get some friendly input. x p


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