A first attempt – 1994

I have been think about what was my first piece of explicitly environmental art. And this is it. The drawings I did for my Graduation Show at Uni of NSW College of Fine Art (COFA) 1994. The piece is titled ‘After the Fires’ and is a reaction to bushfires that encroached on suburban Sydney in early 1994, resulting in the loss of homes but thankfully no lives.

So this is me, in proper art school mode. Please forgive me my youth! It’s also a scan of a colour photocopy (from an original slide I think!) so please also forgive the quality of this image.

I am returning to charcoal drawings to explore Bushfire again, for my next show so it will be interesting to compare and contrast across the distance of 16 years.

AFTER THE FIRES, 1994 Triptych – charcoal on paper


3 thoughts on “A first attempt – 1994

  1. Bettina

    Your youth doesn’t need forgiving – neither does the quality of the image. It talks of strength, commitment, vision and clarity.
    Funny when I first saw it I thought it was chalk on blackboard …

  2. sigal

    hi, it’s Sigal from Israel; glad to see you here… send me your mail if you want- it’s been a long time since our last letters…


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